PhenQ Review 2019 (How it Works, Prices & Side Effects)

Does it ever happen that you look into the mirror and wonder, how did you put on so much weight? Miss the time when you could fit into your old jeans and shirts or wear that crop top and show off your sexy abs?

Don’t get me wrong, being chubby isn’t a curse or a disease but not everyone wants that.

And if you are feeling sad or like its too late because you cannot take the whole dieting and gym crap, there’s good news for you, you do not have to do any of that.

Yup, PhenQ offers an all-natural solution for weight loss where you can lose weight while sitting at home (no back-breaking at the gym nor do you need to starve yourself anymore).


Well, here’s all you need to know about this effective fat burner in this detailed PhenQ review.

What Is PhenQ?

As you can already tell, PhenQ is a weight loss supplement that aims to helps you lose weight by the most natural of methods and ingredients.

Since it counters obesity from a variety of angles it gives you effective results in a short span of time (way faster than most other pharmaceutical pills and you don’t even need to sweat).

And what makes this such a trustworthy and effective pill are its manufacturers, Bauer Nutrition

Bauer Nutrition has been in the big league for years now and all of their supplements including PhenQ are manufactured using herbal ingredients in FDA and GMP approved facilities.

That means PhenQ is safer than many other pills like Phentermine (we’ll talk about that one below) and free from harmful chemical substances.

And Bauer’s relationship with their customers does not just end with the sale of the supplement. Their team of expert nutritionists, fitness and health consultants will guide you at every stage.

That means you can get in touch with them anytime you have doubts about healthy living, nutrition or workout.

Plus, they will also give you the best advice on how to take their supplements in order to prevent any side effects (how many brands offer that now?).

PhenQ Review 2019 (How it Works, Prices & Side Effects) 1

How PhenQ works?

As I mentioned-above, PhenQ aims to help you lose by attacking the body fat from a number of angles with its potent blend of herbal ingredients from around the globe.

These angles include natural factors like boosting metabolism, reducing appetite and giving your mood and energy a positive boost. More details below.

Burns more Fat: Metabolism is the function responsible for fat burning and the faster it is the more body fat you will burn even while you are seated. For this, the PhenQ has ingredients with thermogenic properties that increase body heat, in turn, speeding up the metabolism.

Reduces Hunger: Do you have a habit of eating in the middle of the night or snacking too much in the evening? Not anymore as the PhenQ will restrict your diet by suppressing hunger without giving you cramps.

Restricts Fat Storage: Since you will be burning more fat than usual, the body will start to use up the fat deposits to keep up energy levels and reduce further fat storage.

Boosts mood and energy: When you start to lose weight and get into the shape you always wanted to, you will find yourself happy and confident. And no the loss of those calories won’t make you tired and sad because of the special ingredients PhenQ comes with.

So what are these ingredients that we keep talking about? Let’s find out.

PhenQ Review: Its Composition

For a dish to be good, it needs to be the perfect blend of ingredients like salt, pepper and so on. Similarly, what makes PhenQ so effective is its blend of natural ingredients such as:

PhenQ Review 2019 (How it Works, Prices & Side Effects) 2


If you are a coffee addict, I am sure you are already getting your daily dose of caffeine but if you do not happen to like coffee, PhenQ is the ideal alternative.

But why do you need caffeine?

The reason caffeine is so essential to weight loss and often found in all fat burners and protein supplements are that it is a natural stimulant and a damn effective one.

If you are a gym freak, caffeine will boost your stamina and ensure you get through those last reps like a boss.

But even if you are not into exercise, 2-3 cups of coffee in a day will keep you up and running and moving around like the flash whether it is work or home.

You will also be more alert and focused. Furthermore, caffeine is also known for its thermogenic properties so your metabolism runs double time, burning more fat even as you sleep.

A Lacey Reset

Lacey Reset is the secret ingredient that makes PhenQ such an effective fat burner and has also been clinically tried and tested for the same (so you don’t have to take just our word for it).

But what is this ingredient with a weird name?

It is a patented blend of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and Cysteine (CLA) that aims to neutralize free radicals by increasing metabolism rate. This, in turn, gives you an energy boost, burns more amount of fat, uplifts your mood and lowers recovery time after workouts.


Nopal is one of the most effective ingredients for diet suppression and the reason it is able to do so is that it is packed with fiber.

Believe it or not, this ingredient is made using cactus and plays a vital role for anyone on a strict diet (so you won’t be binging on cakes or cookies at 2 am).

But it isn’t limited to just that.

It also has a healthy dose of essential amino acids and in case you did not know, amino acids will also keep away fatigue. And since you feel more energetic, you will be killing it at the gym or work.

It will also help you deal with flatulence and reduces retention of fluids in the body so you no longer feel bloated and heavy.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

This is one of the most essential amino acids and since the body does not produce it on its own, you need to integrate it into your diet with supplements or with red meat, vegetables, and nuts.

The main function of this amino acid is to help your body burn more fat by utilizing the existing fat as energy so you feel energetic even after a hectic day’s work.

This in combination with the Nopal also improves digestive functioning so calories are burnt faster and do not get stored as fat.

Capsimax Powder

This is a natural ingredient developed using four ingredients, namely, piperine, capsicum, Vitamin B3 and caffeine. It is the presence of capsicum in higher volumes that give it the name Capsimax

As you probably already know, spicy food makes you sweat. Wonder why? Because ingredients like piperine and capsicum have thermogenic properties that increase body temperature.

And with that increased temperature, your body is going to melt away fat 24*7 (just the kind of thing you want to hear).

Chromium Picolinate

Another ingredient you can find in everyday food items like meat and vegetables.

Chromium is important because it also helps reduce hunger by ensuring your cells take in the right amount of sugar when you eat so you are not constantly hungry.

This means it is an effective medicine to control blood sugar as well. So if you have a sweet tooth and find it hard to control cravings, thank god for Chromium.

Calcium Carbonate

Ever since we were kids we have been told that calcium is important for bone health and rightly so. But what you may not have been told is that calcium also helps maintain weight (because who cared about that back then, right).

That is because another function of calcium carbonate is to prevent the body from storing fat, a theory that as also been put to the test with positive results.

So even if you aren’t too thrilled about supplements, an increased amount of calcium in your diet should help you out lose weight faster.

What is the Right PhenQ Dosage?

As per the manufacturers it is advised to take two tablets. One with breakfast and the other one post-lunch.

Avoid taking PhenQ in the evening or after dinner because it contains caffeine and that might keep you up all night long.

Also, do not take the tablets until and unless you have had sufficient food and have lots of water throughout the day (something you should be doing irrespective).

How Long Before I see any results

PhenQ manufacturers recommend that you take the fat burner for 2-3 months for the best results.

But the first signs of it working should be visible within the first 2-3 weeks as you will notice an increase in energy levels and feel . much livelier and upbeat than before.

By the end of 3 months, standing on the weighing scale will be a proud moment (sure to put a smile on your face) rather than embarrassing.

For even more effective results, you can team up the pills up with some exercise (and no we are not talking about the gym, even some light walking and jogging would do the trick).

Note: Timing of the results will vary depending on body fat, diet, and lifestyle.

PhenQ Review 2019 (How it Works, Prices & Side Effects) 3

Who is PhenQ for (and Not)?

If you do not have a complicated medical history and have never had any allergies to caffeine and other ingredients, then yes, PhenQ is perfect for you.

And with its natural blend of ingredients, you will not have any side effects either, UNLESS you come under any of these categorize.

You are Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most delicate situations as your baby feeds off everything you eat and drink and thus, it is best advised to not have any medication apart from what the doctor recommends.

It should also be avoided if you have had a baby recently and are currently breastfeeding.

You have Heart Problems and Diabetes

If you are on medication for high blood pressure or diabetes, you will want to avoid not just PhenQ but any supplementation or at least get a consultation first.

That is because the ingredients though herbal are quite potent and might tinker with your BP and sugar levels.

Some other conditions to watch out for:

  • Liver and Kidney diseases
  • Depression
  • Auto-immune Diseases
  • Prostate Hypertrophy
  • Kidney Problems
  • Breast/Prostate or Testicular Cancer
  • If you are less than 18

Does it Cause any Side Effects?

As I have said quite a few times above, PhenQ is made of natural ingredients and thus 95% of users do not experience any kind of side effects.

While some users have reported nausea, uneasiness, vomiting, nervousness, and digestive issues it is mostly because they have increased dosage for faster results.

But does that work? HELL NO.

Also, ignoring any of the above-mentioned conditions can lead to side effects.

Some users might experience uneasiness or digestive issues at first but that is nothing to worry as it is just the body getting accustomed to the supplement (nothing a good healthy diet and proper hydration cannot take care of).

But in case the side effects last longer than 4-5 days, do check in with your doctor as it could be a sign of an undetected allergy or disease.

PhenQ Review: Where to Buy?

If there is one thing you cannot afford is to end up with a counterfeit that will affect your health adversely. This is why we recommend you either buy through the official website or if you are looking for a bargain, go with trusted sellers on Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Opt for a 12-month pack in order to unlock savings up to $200.

All products are shipped within 24-hours of the order and since it is shipped worldwide, you can enjoy the benefits of PhenQ irrespective of the country you live in.

PhenQ Review 2019 (How it Works, Prices & Side Effects) 4

Does PhenQ Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

If you are still not sure whether PhenQ is right for you, you will be happy to know that unlike most supplements, PhenQ gives you a whopping 60-day money-back guarantee.

Yup, if you do not think PhenQ is working for you or have developed a condition that restricts your use of supplements, then you can have all your money back in 60 days.

The Drawbacks

One of the few drawbacks of PhenQ is that it contains caffeine. Now, if you are already hooked to 3-4 cups of coffee in a day to keep you going, it can lead to a caffeine overdose.

This might result in lesser sleep, vomiting or digestive issues. Thankfully, the solution is easy and you only need to lower your daily coffee intake.

Secondly, the pill can only be purchased online and isn’t available as an over the counter medication.

Lastly, while PhenQ is pretty damn effective when it comes to weight it isn’t a forever solution (you do not want to be popping in these pills all your life, right?).

That means once they work their magic the only way to sustain that weight loss would be to incorporate light exercise and a healthy diet into your day to day routine.


  • It does not contain any chemicals and is made using herbal ingredients
  • The ingredients help boost energy and mood
  • They increase metabolism rate so your body blasts fat all day long
  • The body stores less fat since your carb intake reduces and the body has to use existing fat to create carb for energy
  • The reason you eat lesser carbs is that certain ingredients help reduce cravings
  • You get a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • It can be shipped worldwide
  • Its effects are visible within just 2-3 weeks of use
  • Does not cause side effects if taken in the right dosage with doctor consultation
  • The supplement is manufactured in facilities that are FDA and GMP certified
  • You get excellent saving with 12-months packs


  • It has high caffeine that may not suit everyone
  • Not available over the counter
  • In certain cases like diabetes, BP, etc. you will need a doctor’s consultation first

PhenQ Testimonials

Here’s what current users of PhenQ have to say about its effectiveness:

PhenQ Review 2019 (How it Works, Prices & Side Effects) 5

PhenQ Review 2019 (How it Works, Prices & Side Effects) 6

PhenQ Review 2019 (How it Works, Prices & Side Effects) 7

PhenQ Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can both men and women use PhenQ?

PhenQ is equally safe for both men and women and works pretty much in the same manner. Although when it comes to results, the lifestyle has an impact. If you have a higher fat percentage or are more active, then you are likely to see quicker results

But if you are slightly leaner or do not like moving around a lot, the results can take some time.

Q2: How much weight can I lose using PhenQ

The amount of weight you can lose will once again vary from person to person. More active people who hit the road for a run or are kicking as* at the gym every day can lose about 35 pounds or more every month.

But on a general level, reports suggest a weight loss of 10-15 pounds each month. So if you want faster and more effective results, stop being a couch potato and get a move on.

Q3: Is workout a must?

Definitely not. You can lose weight even without working out. They only reason we recommend you do so is that it will improve results. Plus, once you stop taking the pills, you will not put on weight immediately.

To know how to get effective results without any workout, get in touch with their customer care and strictly follow any routine given.

Q4: Is PhenQ a vegetarian product?

Yes, PhenQ is made using herbs found in plants around the globe and does not contain any non-vegetarian products.

Q5: How many cups of coffee can I take with PhenQ?

Well, that usually depends on how your body reacts to the incoming caffeine boost. If you do experience symptoms of caffeine overdose like an upset stomach, vomiting, etc. then reducing your coffee intake would be the right step.

Q6: What Happens After I stop PhenQ?

Once you stop taking the supplement I would suggest you regulate your calorie intake. You will see an initial urge in cravings and the only way to tackle that is through sheer willpower.

Apart from that, make sure you are eating at the right times and avoid sodas and other fizzy drinks.

PhenQ Review 2019 (How it Works, Prices & Side Effects) 1

PhenQ vs Phen375

One of the reasons why I prefer PhenQ over Phen375 is because PhenQ has more potent ingredients in the form of A-Lacy Reset.

That means it is also a better appetite suppressor which is just what a person who cannot control their cravings needs.

Yup, Phen375 is quite effective as well but if you want quicker results, PhenQ is the way to go.

The one aspect at which PhenQ loses out is the transparency that Phen375 has shown with their clinical trials and tests. Plus, Phen375 is also cheaper as a bottle on PhenQ can cost $69 whereas Phen375 costs around $65.

In the end, this choice comes down to your budget and the kind of results you are looking for.

PhenQ vs Phen24

Once again, one of the main differenced between the 2 products is the price. PhenQ costs about $5 lesser than Phen24 without much difference in terms of results and ingredients.

This means PhenQ is hands down the value for money pick. Also, Phen24 was only launched a couple of years back whereas PhenQ was launched in 2015 and thus Phen24 isn’t as tried and tested as the PhenQ.

But nonetheless, Phen24 is still a good buy and works like charm for some people. If you do not get the results you hoped for with PhenQ, Phen24 is worth a try.

PhenQ vs Phentermine

There is no doubt that Phentermine is one of the strongest weight loss pills but is banned in many countries because of the side effects it can cause such as a spike in blood pressure chest pain, dizziness and so on.

Apart from that, the effects of Phentermine only last about 12-weeks after you stop it which means you will start putting on weight sooner than you would have hoped to.

So here’s a question, are quicker results more important than your health or long-lasting results? I don’t think so. While PhenQ is slower than Phentermine, it is definitely the safer health supplement.

PhenQ Review 2019 (How it Works, Prices & Side Effects) 7

PhenQ Review: A Final Word

Well, buying a supplement like PhenQ isn’t all that easy. There are tons of things that one needs to take care of like the ingredients used and whether they have any side effects or not, who can and cannot take the supplement, where to buy it from and how it works.

And with this guide, we are sure you will find the answers to pretty much any question you have about PhenQ. But if you do have a question answered in the guide, feel free to drop in a comment below for our experts.

In case you have been using PhenQ and would like to share your experience with us and other users, you can write to us using the contact page or in the comments section below.

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