Anavar Review 2019 and Its Side-Effect Free Alternative

Wouldn’t it be great if you also had a chamber that you could step in and step out all strong and muscular like Captain America?

Sadly, there isn’t and for long bodybuilders have turned to anabolic steroids such as Anavar to help them speed up muscle growth.

As many would say, it is the ‘necessary evil’. But why term it as evil? Is it not safe? And if not, then what its side effects?

And for anyone who isn’t too big on steroids, is there a safer alternative? In this in-depth Anavar Review, I’ll answer all those questions and more so can continue to grow and develop in the safest possible manner.

What is Anavar

As I told you above, Anavar is an androgenic steroid scientifically known as Oxandrolone. These are steroids that increase testosterone level in the body and if you are into bodybuilding (whether pro or a newbie) I am sure you understand why it matters so much.

It was in 1962 that the world got to know about the steroid and to date remains one of the most popular steroids even though not sold legally anymore (something we’ll discuss below).

Anavar Benefits

The reason it was so popular is that it was safer than most other steroids but not safe enough to be sold legally. And if you are able to find a seller, be wary as it can be easily compromised.

Another reason many bodybuilders loved it back then was because it did not need to be injected and came in a tablet form. Pop in a few pills and watch your body go beast-mode in just a few weeks to months.

In fact, you felt and energy boost almost immediately. That means you could easily do a set of bench press, take a quick break and come back and do some more just as easily.

Not just that, the body pain after a grueling workout would subside just as quickly which means you could be back up and running by the next day.

Furthermore, it was one of the very few steroids that suited both men and women. And that is because Anavar did not increase muscle mass but rather gave the user additional strength to build those big guns.

That means you do not put on any additional fat and women do not have to worry about the overly bulky muscular look they so hate.

Now, the question arises why ban such an effective steroid loved by pretty much both the genders?

Well, below are some Anavar side effects that are sure to make any person think about getting an alternative.

Anavar Side Effects

Lowering Testosterone Levels

You are probably confused because isn’t Anavar an Androgenic steroid aimed to increase testosterone? Well, yes and it does so while you continue to take it.

But once you stop the steroid you will realize that it hampers the body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally. And since testosterone plays a vital role in proteins synthesis your gains are sure to take a huge hit.

Damages the Liver

Since this is a C-17 alpha-alkylated steroid, it can damage the liver. That is because these steroids undergo processes that make them resistant to breakdown in the liver.

So every time they pass through the liver they put a huge strain on it, in turn, weakening its functioning.

Other Health Risks

If you though a weak liver was bad enough it is about to get a whole lot worse. That is because constant use of Anavar also leaves you prone to Low cholesterol, heart attacks and strokes.

The main reason for this is that it lowers high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and increase low-density lipoprotein (LDL). This results in clots and that pretty much sums it up.


Since the steroid works at improving testosterone levels, it can lead the body to believe that there is a testosterone overdose thus resulting in testicular atrophy. In other words, the size of your penis reduces which can further lead to infertility.


Well, don’t be, because you do not need Anavar to have that beach-ready body with six-packs and sexy shoulders that you crave for.


It is CrazyBulk to the rescue with its Anavarol Supplement. This Anavar replica (minus the side effects) is just the supplement you need whether you are a professional or newbie worried about your well being.

Here’s more about this safe alternative.

Anavarol Review – A Summary

  • 3 pills a day
  • 30 pills in a bottle
  • Pills should be taken 15-20 minutes after your exercise routine
  • Maintain dosage for 2 months at least for better results
  • LEGAL and Side Effect-Free Anavar Alternative
  • Improved Strength, Power, and Stamina
  • Increases Lean Muscle Mass while killing fat
  • No Prescriptions needed
  • Fast Results: Shows first results in just 30-days
  • Free Deliveries to all countries
  • Discounts when ordering in bulk

In-Depth Anavarol Review

About the Brand

CrazyBulk is one of the largest supplement brands and is mostly knows for creating safer alternatives to harmful steroids without compromising on the benefits they provide.

And it isn’t just Anavar that I am talking about. This is exactly what they have done with other steroids as well such Clenbuterol and Dianabol with the Clenbutrol and D-Bal supplements.

All of their supplements are prepared in FDA approved facilities under the supervision of nutrition experts which means you can put aside your fear of major side effects.

Another thing I like about the brand in that they offer 24*7 customer support. This means whether you are not sure about the dosage, want to know about the refund policy or have a different problem with the product, there is always an expert at your service.

But if that hasn’t convinced you about the brand’s legitimacy, did you know their ambassadors include the likes of Ramsford Smith, Christopher Tripp, Tashan Milkin and so on?

Plus, you are also provided with access to a community full of experts that you can get n touch with for tips and tricks. That’s like having your own personal trainers available 24*7 and who knows, maybe you will some awesome gym buddies as well.

They are also quite active on their social media pages. So don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you maybe you can have yourself featured as well considering you have a story worth telling.

Okay, so enough said about the brand. What really matters, in the end, is the quality of the supplement. So here’s all that you need to know about it starting it how it will help you.

How Does Anavarol Work?

What many of you may not know is that your muscles require a chemical known as Adenosine Triphosphate or (ATP) in order to contract.

In short, it is the fuel your muscles need so they do not tire out too early.

But there’s a problem, your muscles cannot hold ATP for than a few seconds. So if you want to keep the contractions going, you will need more ATP.

And that is only going to happen when your body produces more of phosphocreatine. An increase in this chemical fast-tracks production of ATP so your muscles have the energy boost they need to keep going as you do the curls and presses.

This is just what Anavarol aims to do (increased levels of phosphocreatine). So after about a 15-20 days worth of dosage, you will notice an energy surge as muscles will have more of ATP to burn.

So if in the past you ever felt stuck, you should be able to put on more weights and never hit a plateau again.

This is the ideal situation for both bodybuilders and those looking to shed a few calories as you will only have stamina and endurance boost rather than weight gain.

Anavarol Ingredients

As you know by now the steroids can be so bad because the chemicals they contain. This why I think it is a must for every potential buyer to know the ingredients of Anavarol and other similar supplements as well.

This not only will give you detailed knowledge about the supplement but also help you identify any ingredient you might be allergic to.

Wild Yam Root

The reason Wild Yam Root is present in the supplement is that it is rich is Diosgenis which is used to produce estrogen and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in labs.

This makes Wild Yam Root a natural testosterone booster. Apart from that, it also helps lower fatigue and inflammation.

And when you don’t get fatigued easily and recover faster, you are able to workout longer and more efficiently thus getting quicker results.

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

If you read the ‘How Anavarol works’ section, you will know everything you need to know about ATP or Adenosine triphosphate. But in case you didn’t here’s a brief.

ATP is what makes your muscle to contract during exercises. Usually, muscles are not able to hold it for more than a few seconds and thus this boost is important.

With it, you will be able to get done more reps, lift heavier, improve gains and also recover quicker.

Each dose contains about 40mg of ATP which is the most that can be included naturally.


This is one ingredient you have probably read all about. Branched-Chain Amino Acids are found in both protein foods and supplements (yes, that is why your gym trainer has been pestering you about buying Whey Protein or gobbling down tons of eggs).

It is formed by 3 of the most important essential amino acids, Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.

These amino acids stimulate protein synthesis which, in turn, is responsible for those 6-packs, huge biceps, etc.

More importantly, they prevent muscle breakdown which means you do not lose the growth as you rest or even skip a few days at the gym.

Apart from that, they also help with recovery as they reduce muscle soreness and also improves liver functioning (the complete opposite of what Anavar steroid does to the liver).

Soy Protein and Whey Protein Isolate

If there is one thing anyone and everyone knows about bodybuilding it is that proteins are your best friend. This why the Anavarol supplement comes with packed with protein-rich ingredients like Soy protein and whey protein isolate.

When ATP increases in the body you witness a surge in energy levels and are able to workout longer (like you didn’t know that by now). Now, this puts a lot of pressure on the muscles and thus the tears happen to be larger.

Soy protein and whey protein isolate like BCAA help with recovery so you can get of put and the metal to the pedal day in and day out. So while you still feel the burn, it isn’t so bad to keep you down and out.

Who is Anavarol for?

Unlike Clenbutrol or D-Bal, the best thing about Anavarol is that is it suited for both men and women especially if your goal is to lose stubborn belly and arm fat.

Note: It isn’t a gainer like D-Bal or Clenbutrol and only provides additional strength to the muscles. It acts as a stimulator and if your goal is to bulk but, stack it up with Winsol, Clenbutrol, and Trenorol.

What is the right Anavarol Dosage?

The recommended dosage for Anavarol is 3 tablet a day 15-20 minutes after your workout and should be used for a minimum of 2 months for the most effective results.

But the first signs of improvement should be visible within the first month as you will find yourself to be more energetic and able to workout longer.

Also, make sure you drink plenty of water not just while having the tablets but throughout the day as well. This not only keeps you hydrated and drains out all body toxins.

All of the dosage recommendation and tips have been suggested by the manufacturer themselves and thus should be followed to the letter.

And if you think popping-in a 4th or 5th pill will improve results, the only thing it will give you are Side Effects.

And that brings us to the next section.

Anavarol Side Effects

Most of the users have never reported any side effects and since it is made with natural ingredients, there is no reason to believe otherwise.


You have decided to add to the recommended dosage, have stacked it wrong or are allergic to ingredients such as ATP, Soy Milk, etc.

In case you are not sure about your allergies here is what you should keep an eye out for.

Side Effects ATP can cause are:

  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Sleepless nights
  • Increased sweating even though you aren’t working out
  • Pain in the chest
  • Difficulty breathing

If you are allergic to Whey Protein, here’s what you might experience

  • Thirst
  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Cramps

Most often the side effects are mild and fade away in a few days as the body can take time to adjust to your new routine and diet.

But if you experience severe side- effects that do not seem to go away, do get in touch with your doctor.

You should also check-in with your doctor about taking the supplement if you are on medication for diabetes, BP or other serious health conditions.

Stay safe, workout harder 😉

Where to Buy Anavarol?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of Anavarol (the safe Anavar substitute) then the most important thing is to buy fro a trusted seller so you do not end up with a counterfeit (trust me, there are plenty of those).

This is why my recommended place to buy Anavarol would be the official CrazyBulk site. Keep in mind that the CrazyBulk supplement isn’t available in retail outlets or pharmacies.

And why should you be buying from anywhere else when CrazyBulk itself offers you all the discounts you will ever want whether you are buying multiple bottles or just one.

A single bottle is currently available for $54.99, at $30 discount over the original price. Similarly, the more you buy, the more you save (you can save up to a whopping $290 when you buy 6 bottles).

But you do not have to take the plunge just yet and go with 6 bottles, purchase 1-2 bottles that should last you about a month as each bottle has 30 tablets.

And if you notice subtle changes, you can start ordering in bulk to get the most value for your money.

Deliveries can be made to any country and unlike some of the other brands, CrazyBulk does not charge you a penny as shipping fees.

All orders are shipped within 48-hours of the order so you should receive the product within 3-10 days depending on the country you are in.

In case you have a problem with the delivery, support services are available 24*7.\

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Well, CrazyBulk does offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on unopened bottles which is a tad disappointed as I felt 14-days were too low. Most of the other brands offer a 30 to 60-day money-back guarantee but nonetheless, in case of any trouble, you can still have your money back.


First and foremost, if you are into bodybuilding, you will need to stack with other supplements as Anavarol isn’t ideal for bulking. It does help but won’t get the job done alone.

Also, you can only purchase the supplement from the official site and isn’t available on retails stores and pharmacies.

While that does ensure you get only the original product, waiting for deliveries can be annoying so make sure you order your next set before running out.

Lastly, it is on the expensive side. While it is on discount right now, it will cost you $85 once off it and the 14-day money-back guarantee is too low.


  • It is a 100% natural and side-effect free alternative to Anavar
  • All manufacturing is done in FDA approved facilities
  • The supplement improves the level of ATP so you can exercise longer and more efficiently
  • It helps maintain lean mass and lose fat
  • There is a 14-day money-back guarantee on unopened bottles
  • All deliveries are free irrespective of the country you order from
  • Ordering in bulk helps you save tons of money
  • To clear doubts, the customer service team at CrazyBulk is available 24*7
  • Ideal supplement for both men and women looking to improve performance at the gym


  • It is on the expensive side as a single bottle costs $85
  • Not a supplement that can be used alone for bulking up
  • Cannot be purchased through retails stores or pharmacies
  • 14-day money-back guarantee is too low but at least it is there


Anavarol is hands down the best alternative to Anavar. That is because it delivers the same results without giving you a failing liver or putting you at risk of life-threatening issues like cholesterol, heart attacks, etc.

Yes, the Anavar works much faster, almost giving you instant results but do you really want to be putting your health at risk for that?

Remember, Bodybuilding and weight loss are a marathon and not a sprint. So if you want long-term results Anavarol is the obvious choice.

If you have questions regarding Anavarol, do drop it in the comments below. And if you have used the supplement in the past, feel free to write to us your experience so the readers can make a better buying decision (after all, health is wealth).

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