Titan Gel Review [Official] – Price, Results and Where to buy!

If you thought men do not care about the size of their crowned jewel, the penis, then you have got it wrong.

According to studies published in the Journal of Health Psychology, it is one of the major body concerns for men, right up there with their height and weight.

And the reason they are so concerned is a bad experience like being teased about it by the exes or because they are too scared of being rejected by the one they love the most.

So what do you do if you are not born the massive weaponry you hoped for?

Well, you can either turn to expensive devices, surgeries or supplements to increase the size. But if you do not want to spend big or are tired of gobbling down pills daily, the Titan Gel could be exactly what you need.

But does the Titan gel really work? If yes, how does it work? Will it cause any side effects? How long before you see results?

Well in Short, Titan Gel Doesn’t Work.

We’d give it a 2/5 rating in terms of effectiveness.

In our comparison, two other products are much more effective than Titan Gel i.e. Vigrx Plus and Male Extra.

Titan Gel Review [Official] - Price, Results and Where to buy! 1

Titan Gel Review [Official] - Price, Results and Where to buy! 2

Titan Gel Review

Here’s a list of benefits that regularly applying Titan Gel along with some Jelping exercises can provide you.

You save tons of money: There are surgeries and then penis enlargement contraptions and devices like pumps that you can also turn to. But do you really want to be putting all of your hard-earned savings into something that does not guarantee results (because these are pretty darn expensive)? If not, a bottle Titan Gel will cost you a mere $40.

It is Safer: Not only is Titan Gel safer than the devices and surgeries but supplements as well. That is because it does not contain ingredients like caffeine or other extracts that can affect your BP, blood sugar or give you sleepless nights. The side-effects, if any, are very mild such as redness and usually occur because of improper use.

Availability: The fact that Titan Gel is shipped to pretty much any country and delivered within 10 days, it is not just a sign of the brand’s efficiency but also builds trust in the product since the governing bodies have not placed any ban on it. Shipping charges may or may not be applied depending on the quantity purchased and any fault with delivery is born by the company.

Payment Modes: Whether you want to use your debit or credit MasterCard or PayPal, Titan Gel supports them both. But what really stands out, is the cash on delivery option which gives the option to check the received item before paying (something most brands shy away from).  Oh, and in case you spent the bulk of your savings on buying cryptocurrencies, you will be happy to know that Titan Gel also accepts Bitcoin.

[Titan Gel Review] How Titan Gel Works

Titan Gel performs 3 major functions. These include:

  • Relaxing the muscles of the penis which increases the elasticity
  • Boosting blood flow for harder and longer erections
  • Increasing your libido

Erectile Dysfunction occurs because as you age, the corpus cavernosum (an important erectile tissue) is not able to contract and expand as before which is due to the weakening of the cells. This, in turn, leads to a shortage of blood in the penis.

But the problem isn’t limited to older men. Even men between the age of 25-35 can suffer from the condition mainly because of the increasing stress.

As you can see blood flow plays a vital role in your sex life that is just what Titan Gel aims to improve. How does it manage that? With its potent yet safe blend of ingredients.

These ingredients penetrate deep into the skin at the cellular level rejuvenating the cells. This increases the penis’s sensitivity which means greater blood flow and better sex drive.

In short, it equips you with all the weapons you will need for a sex life your girlfriend or wife cannot stop boasting about to her friends.

Note: The gel and Jelping exercises (penis enhancement exercises) go hand in hand (we’ll tell you how to do it below). Simply doing the exercise will also give you results but then you will have to wait for months.

Combining it with the Titan Gel means you will see significant changes in a whopping 8-10 days. More about these results below.

Titan Gel Review [Official] - Price, Results and Where to buy! 3

[Titan Gel Review] Titan Gel Results

As per the Titan Gel website, the first results should be visible after just 8-10 days which includes an increase in the size of your junk by 2-3cm.

After about a month of use, you will have greater control over ejaculation. This ensures you last longer in bed.

And more importantly, your little buddy will now be the beast you always wanted it to be as it should see an increase of about 5-6cm in size (so you can actually rock her world).

Now, there are contradicting reviews as to the timing of the Titan Gel results. This could also vary on how regularly you perform the jelqing exercises and the technique used so make sure you are spot on with it.

Factors like your diet and exercise routine can also play a huge role. The more active a lifestyle you live, the greater will be the blood flow in the body further supporting your cause.

Titan Gel Review [Official] - Price, Results and Where to buy! 4

Does Titan Gel Cause Side Effects?

Most of the ingredients used in Titan Gel are non-toxic and are commonly found in cosmetic gels and creams to attain the right consistency.

That means side effects with Titan Gel could vary from mild to none. Over 90% of the users did not experience any side effects while some reported mild skin irritation, inflammation, swelling, burning, stinging, and redness.

This could be because of excessive use of the gel for quicker results (trust me, that does not work, never did and never will).

Or also because of an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients that your skin is sensitive to. Also, avoid mixing it up with any creams you previously.

Most of these side effects are very common in gels and creams as the skin can often take a while to get accustomed to the new ingredients but in case they do not subside within 3-4 days, I would suggest you visit your doctor ASAP.

Few other safety tips to follow when using Titan Gel are:

  • You will need to give up on alcohol and smoking
  • Do not let your body get too cold
  • Consume food and beverages that help boost immunity
  • Perform no more than 2-3 sexual acts in a week to maintain strength and stamina

Where to Buy Titan Gel?

One of the problems with Titan Gel is that there are many counterfeits available which can be really confusing for first-time buyers.

And since you will be applying the gel to one of the most sensitive areas of the body, a counterfeit with serious side effects is just not acceptable.

This is why I always suggest you make purchases via the official Titan Gel Website.

But does mean missing out on discounts and offers retails sites like Amazon, Walmart, etc. offer?

Absolutely not, as you can score big-time discounts on the site itself depending on the quantity purchased.

So if you are sure about Titan Gel and have seen a notable difference in the past, skip the hassle of continuous orders and go all in to save hundreds of dollars and shipping fees.

You can have the product delivered to any country within 7-10 days with payment options ranging from PayPal, Visa MasterCard to even Bitcoin.

Also, in case of a defective product, all expenses of re-shipping and returns are born by the brand itself (you won’t have to pay a dime extra).

And to top that all, all products are sent with a discreet packing. That means there are no markings or hints about what the product is thus protecting your privacy concerns.

Titan Gel Review [Official] - Price, Results and Where to buy! 5

Try Titan Gel Today!

How to Apply Titan Gel

If you want to get the most of the Titan Gel, here is the right way to apply it.

Step 1: Lubricate your penis entirely with the gel. Make sure you do it before starting the exercise for maximum benefits.

Step 2: Stroke your penis gently so it experiences a light erection which is mainly to increase blood flow into the muscles. Do not go overboard with the stroking (it isn’t showtime yet).

Step 3: Now, grasp your penis from the base i.e. close to the pubic bone using your thumb and index finger as if you were making the awesome sign.

Step 4: Start moving the fingers back and forth in a gentle motion. It is important to have the right amount of pressure while massaging but do not exert too much pressure as it can cause pain. This further helps increase blood flow which is important for a long and hard erection.

Step 5: Each movement should last from the pubic bone to the penis glans and should take you no more than 3-4 seconds.

You can switch hands but make sure you perform this exercise for 2-3 minutes daily as it is important for the increase of blood flow. The gel alone will not do you much difference and only aids the results of the exercise.

How to Apply Titan Gel


Like I said above, there are many counterfeits available so places from where you can make purchases are limited to just the official website.

Also, in order to see effective results, you will need to combine the gel with a healthy diet and Jelping exercises or the result will be negligible.

Plus, the Titan Gel website displays an error message upon visiting their Guarantee page which could be because they no longer provide it. That’s a bit of red flag but nonetheless isn’t a dealbreaker as plenty of brands do not provide it.

Lastly, another concern for me was that they did not provide any details about the Titan Gel ingredients on their website but thankfully, they are listed on the backside of the gel to put to bed any fears of toxic chemicals.


  • It is a cheaper penis enhancement alternative to surgeries, devices or even supplements
  • The gel is manufactured in GMPC approved facilities
  • Deliveries are quick as it takes just 7-10 days to any country
  • Packing is discrete to ensure privacy
  • Side effects are mild to none due to the use of tried and tested cosmetic ingredients
  • Supports multiple payment modes, even cash on delivery or Bitcoin
  • In the case of wrongful delivery or damaged product, all cost of replacement is born by the company


  • Plenty of counterfeits are also available in the market
  • There is no money-back guarantee
  • No clear listing of ingredients on the official website

Brand Behind Titan Gel

Titan Gel is manufactured by a Russian health and supplement brand known as Hendel.

Founded in 2014, Hendel is well-known not just for Titan Gel but its other cosmetics and health supplements as well in Russia and abroad. These products range from Detox Capsules, Teeth Whitening Toothpastes to anti-aging boosters and revitalizing creams.

One of the reasons why I believe it is a trustable brand is because all of their manufacturing takes place in GMPC, ISO and Customs Union certified facilities.

This means the products meet the expected international and Russian standards in terms of health and safety.

Yes, Hendel is still relatively new in the market since it has completed only about 5-years but their partnerships with the bigger brands add to the reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have doubts regarding Titan Gel? Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions to help you provide some quick-fire solutions.

Q1: Is Titan Gel Safe?

Yes, Titan Gel is absolutely safe. It is made using non-toxic ingredients that have already been included in other cosmetic creams and gels.

There have been rare cases of mild skin irritation, inflammation, burning, etc. but nothing that a lower dosage shouldn’t solve. Get a consult if they persist for too long as it could be an allergic reaction to some of the other creams or meds you have been using.

Also, it is a skin gel and should be kept away from your eyes, mouth or the kids.

Apart from that, it is manufactured in GMPC certified facilities and has an ISO certification as well which means it meets the required internal standards for cosmetics and supplements.

Q2: How to know if I got the original product?

The only way to ensure you have the original product is to buy from the official website as there aren’t many reliable sellers and you can easily end up with a counterfeit.

If you feel you have counterfeit or the package is disturbed during delivery, get in touch with the brand and have your product replaced without any additional charges.

Q3: Are Titan Gel benefits permanent?

Sadly, the effects of the gel are not permanent. In fact, the gel alone barely has any effect. If you really want to see long-term results, you should use the cream in tandem with Jelping exercises and a healthy diet (now, that is a formula hard to beat).

Q4: What if my Penis is already quite big?

In that case, you probably do not need Titan Gel. But applying it regularly can mean a slight improvement in size. Just make sure you stick to the dosage.

Q5: If surgery a better option?

This really comes down to personal preference and your budget as surgeries can be really expensive.

Plus, it not the most natural of penis enlargement treatments and whether or not you qualify for surgery will depend on pre-existing medical conditions. Worst of all,  it can have serious side effects as well.

These are few of the reasons that make Titan Gel hands down the safest and cheapest of option when compared to the various devices and surgery.

Try Titan Gel Today!

A Final Word

Every man out there would want their junk to be big and strong and not having that isn’t a curse. That is because you can do something about it without spending bucket loads of money thanks to gels and creams like Titan Gel.

But even buying gels and creams can be a confusing decision as you can easily end up with fakes. And that is why it is important to read detailed reviews like these before making a buying decision.

If you have a question that I did not answer in this review, feel free to get in touch with me through the comments section below.

You can also share your review of the Titan Gel (whether good or bad) with the readers and further help them make the right choice.

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