For Professionals

Owing to the complexity of need for PSP and CBD, a multidisciplinary approach is important. We recognize and value the contribution that health and social care professionals bring and are committed to supporting the growth of knowledge and understanding about PSP and CBD across the disciplines.

We offer a range of support services and have a growing professional membership.

We produce a range of publications and guides and our Nurse Specialists are on hand to offer information and advice.

We can also arrange training and group teaching sessions on PSP and CBD – contact one of our Nurse Specialists for further information – and are committed to supporting the principles outlined in the National Service Framework for people with Long Term Neurological Conditions.

We value your continuing professional development, arrange study days and teaching events, and have attained or are working towards accreditation for our events. Our annual Symposium is accredited by the Royal College of Nursing.

We value and incorporate feedback on all our information and event planning, so if you have a comment, please contact us.