Care and Support

Support For You…

Whether you have PSP or CBD, are a carer or health professional, we have a range of services to support you. As soon as someone with PSP or a carer joins us, they are linked to a PSP Nurse, sent information about PSP and details of local support groups. Our services include:

Telephone Support – linking you to one of our PSP Nurse Specialists, with an answerphone service for out of hours calls. The nurse can advise you and anyone supporting you.

Information – a range of resources covering all aspects of PSP and CBD.

Local Support Groups – an opportunity to meet other carers and family members in a similar situation, for encouragement and advice. We run more than 80 groups each year throughout the UK.

Clinics – our nurses also take part in a number of clinics around the country to support and advise you from diagnosis throughout the ongoing changes of PSP.

Vision Aids – we supply free prism glasses as an aid for gaze problems.

Online Support – keep in touch via our virtual network.

Membership – By joining us, you can support our work. Membership is free in the UK or Europe to people with PSP or CBD or their carers; otherwise £10 per year.

The PSP Association supports both Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Cortico Basal Degeneration (CBD). The conditions are very similar and we often use ‘PSP’ as a shorthand for both.