About Us

Who are we?

In short, the one-stop solution for all your health queries

At PSP EUR, our goal is to bring to your in-depth and more importantly, unbiased reviews of products related to health niche. These products can range from skincare and weight loss supplements to bodybuilding and general health and sexual health supplements.

Finding products especially in the health niche can be a real nightmare and time-consuming since there are so many counterfeits with dangerous side effects available on the market. And even more so since most of these can only be purchased online.

With our expert reviews, you will be able to save precious time that can easily be utilized elsewhere. We do the hard work for you and cut through all the hype and myths.

Our team of editors dive deep into every product and cover details about the ingredients used, their side effects, how to tackle those side effects, dosage, brand details, how each supplement works on the body, where to buy and other details hard to find.

And more importantly, answer the question of whether the product really works and is worth the cost or not.

We understand that your money is hard-earned and we do not want you wasting that on products that can adversely affect your health or get tangled into a scheme that will drain your pocket every month.

Why you should trust us

Our in-depth guides and reviews help you make an informed buying decision. Here’s what they will cover.

  • Expert Reviews: We will give you a detailed idea about how each supplement works, its side effects and the ingredients used in the making.
  • Provide customer testimonials: We will search the internet for feedback on products. We will try and establish what products work for you the consumer.
  • Ingredients: We will investigate the ingredients in the products. We will, where we can, back up our findings with science-based evidence.
  • Cost: We will detail the cost of products and try to find the ones that give value for money. We will also highlight and hidden charges or schemes. We will not review products that have dubious free trials that will leave you out of pocket.

Not only do we provide detailed reviews, but we also want your voice to be heard.

What makes us different is we will listen to you. We want you to suggest and rank alternative products. We also welcome comments and testimonials posted on alternative products.

Consumer reviews play a very important part when we research products. Here at PSP EUR, we want you to feel part of the community. We want you to have a place where:

  • You can write your own testimonials
  • You can rate the products you have used
  • You can suggest an alternative product
  • You can vote for alternate products
  • You can “like” or “unlike” other peoples reviews and comments.

It is your voice that people will take notice of. We want to hear about your experiences, be they good or bad.

You may not have celebrity status to endorse products, but in our eyes, your views are more important. After all, you don’t get paid for your opinions. They are more likely to be an honest reflection of the products you use.

The bigger picture we can paint, the more information you have as a consumer.

And you can drop in your reviews as well!

If you have used any of the products previously and would like to share your opinion or want to suggest an even more effective alternative, we would welcome your opinions as well

Just make sure you adhere to the quality guidelines mentioned below and you can have your voice heard as well.

  1. First and foremost, the reviews should be 100% genuine
  2. Share photos if need be
  3. Make sure the review is based on facts and adds value to the readers
  4. Share only your personal opinions and advice
  5. Make sure your questions are relevant to the product and provide valuable data to the readers
  6. Ask questions about reviewed products. Answers and feedback from other consumers in our community are valuable
  7. Also, content should pass Copyscape and should be Grammarly checked
  8. List both the pros and cons of the products

We review all articles thoroughly buy the editors. In case your content does not follow the given guidelines and has been with personal gains as the main motive, it will be removed without notice.

We do not want to become a medium for profane and insulting comments as they do not provide the readers with any knowledgeable information. Plus, neither is this a site for advertising your own products and we promise, we will weed you out.

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